The American Mall: Malls, America, and Nina Dobrev

There’s another epic-ly awesome-ly so-bad-it’s-good movie (made-for-MTV in this case) called The American Mall starring Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries, Never Cry Werewolf) and Autumn Reeser (No Ordinary Family, The O.C.)

Again we have Rachel Kiley, Jackalbane and myself on this one. It was totally fun to do. I really can’t say much else other than for you to just watch it with us, or just listen to us, but it’s really a fun movie either way. And with that, we give you…

THE AMERICAN MALL (2008): A musical romantic comedy set at a mall and focused on the relationship between two young musicians and their respective personal and professional struggles. (from IMDb)

Malls, America, and Nina Dobrev


~ by thespecialfeature on July 9, 2012.

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